lunedì 4 aprile 2011

Quote of the day

Christgau is right, these lines are surely brilliant:

And the signifieds butt heads with the signifiers
And we all fall down slack-jawed to marvel at words
While across the sky sheet the impossible birds
In a steady, illiterate movement homewards

but my favourite lines are these (and I don't apologise if they sound sentimental):

And the rest of our lives will the moments accrue
When the shape of their goneness will flare up anew
And we do what we have to do, re-loo re-loo
Which is all you can do on this side of the blue
Oh it's all that you can do on this side of the blue

The song is called This Side of the Blue, from the The Milk-Eyed Mender by Joanna Newsom.

A good read is like reading your autobiography ...

... written by someone else.

I am reading the Essays of Elia by Charles Lamb, and just read this in the essay Detached Thoughts on Books and Reading:

How beautiful to a genuine lover of reading are the sullied leaves, and worn out appearance, nay, the very odour (beyond Russia), if we would not forget kind feelings in fastidiousness, of an old "Circulating Library" Tom Jones, or Vicar of Wakefield! How they speak of the thousand thumbs, that have turned over their pages with delight!—of the lone sempstress, whom they may have cheered (milliner, or harder-working mantua-maker) after her long day's needle-toil, running far into midnight, when she has snatched an hour, ill spared from sleep, to steep her cares, as in some Lethean cup, in spelling out their enchanting contents! Who would have them a whit less soiled? What better condition could we desire to see them in?

and realised I am that lone sempstress now, snatching an hour from sleep to steep my cares in a cup of tea.

It is always nice to find a good friend you did not know you had, but who knows you well, as a true friend should.


domenica 3 aprile 2011

Sunday's bibliography

Bibliographies are the perfect reading experience, in my view: they are bound to tell you something you did not know and so cannot disappoint.

Here is the first one, about comic book artist Alberto Breccia:

It is also a blog, which fits well with my own idea of a blog as an open-ended commented bibliography.

Have a nice Sunday.


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